Monday, February 19, 2018
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5 Pages Optimized
5 Unique Content Creation
Search Engine Submission
5 Blogs
W3C Compliant
10 Pages Optimized
10 Unique Content Creation
Search Engine Submission
10 Blogs
W3C Compliant
15 Pages Optimized
15 Unique Content Creation
Competition Comparison
15 Blogs
W3C Compliant
Press Release
Up to 50 Pages Optimized
25 Unique Content Creation
Competition Comparison
25 Blogs
W3C Compliant
Press Release
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ECP SEO Packages

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is perhaps the most misunderstood part of our web design package. Simply put, SEO is promotion of your online site, products, and services. We highly recommend that any web site have basic optimization as this determines your page ranking and visibility online.

There are many reasons to optimize your site for search engines. The obvious one is visibility; a good site with proper optimization will gain page rank and traffic faster than a non-optimized site. Increased visibility leads to increased traffic.

SEO can also help you determine exactly what your competitors are doing with their sites, giving you valuable insight to your competition's online strategy.

Many SEO companies that promise guaranteed results use shady or unethical techniques such as link farming and code exploits or hacks. These practices may gain your site temporary page rank, however Google sees these sites as low quality or even no quality sites. The long term result is that your site will eventually lose that ill-gotten page rank and in most circumstances be blacklisted from Google all together. At EPC we only use what is considered "white hat" optimization or proven long term page ranking techniques. The results may not be instantaneous, however in the long term your site will continue to gain page ranking as well as be considered a high quality site by Google. Additionally as more unethical competitors are blacklisted or penalized; your site will remain steadfast and continue for many years to maintain its page rank.

For the best SEO results, constant monitoring and strategizing is required, however our Basic SEO service can will get your site foundation up to speed, making any further optimization easier and more beneficial for years to come.

Basic SEO includes keyword, titles, and domain research and optimization. This puts your site in the optimal position for ranking well in search engines. Even sites that already have a good page rank can benefit from optimization.

We will submit your site to all the major search engines as well as many minor ones. We will optimize your images so they can show up under Google images as well as reduce load times.

We can submit your content to various blogs, press releases, and social sites to help promote your site. For more information regarding SEO please contact us.

Below is a comparison chart of our currently offered SEO packages


Starter SEO

Basic SEO

Professional SEO

ProPlus SEO


$499 $999 $1999 $3999

Site Pages Optimized

5 10 15 up to 50

Keyword Suggestions

check check

Competition Comparison


Meta Tags

Blogs - Articles

5 10 15 25

Social Bookmarks

5 15 25 50

RSS Feed

Domain add-ons

0 1 3 5

Content SEO Optimization

check check

Image SEO Optimization

check check

SEO Friendly URLS*

Site Speed optimization

X X check check

Unique Content Check

W3C Compliant Check

Google Business, Analytics, Webmaster setup

Major SE Submission**
Minor SEsearch Submission
Dmoz Submission
Cross Browser Compability Check+ X X

Press Release

Site Map
SEO Report Card X X X
Unique Content Creation† 5 10 15 25
Unique Content Spun Articles†† 5 10 20 40
+ IE 7,8,9, Firefox, Chrome, Opera
* Where Applicable
** Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL
† Unique Content is written based on Target Keywords and/or Audience (500+ word Articles)
†† Spun Content is generated off Unique Content Articles
‡ User Provided Content up to 1000 words/5 images optimized per page

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